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Announcing New Halls Store in Crown Center – September 2014

Halls, Kansas City’s specialty department store, announces exciting plans for a new 60,000 square foot department store, slated to open in September 2014 in Crown Center. Representing a $10 million investment into the center, the new store will be the sole retail tenant on the third level of the Crown Center Shops and will feature the current Halls departments as well as an in-store café. The existing Halls stores in Crown Center will close in early 2014 to allow for construction of the new store.

The Crown Center shopping, hotel, office and entertainment district adjoins the headquarters of Hallmark Cards, Inc., which owns both Crown Center Redevelopment Corp. and Halls.

Halls has engaged Charles Sparks + Company, an award-winning retail store design firm, to imagine and create the new store experience. The firm counts Neiman Marcus among its clients, as well as sleek museum stores for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City, the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and the de Young Museum in San Francisco. The preliminary designs are open, modern and full of light, with a focus on enhanced customer service.

Shoppers will enjoy a fresh new design with bright, crisp accents and special moments of luxury. Custom finishes and iconic Halls architectural touches will invite longtime customers and new visitors into a shopping environment unlike any other in Kansas City.

The proposed plans call for the enclosed walkway bridging Grand Boulevard to be opened up with windows, allowing customers to view Crown Center Square and the downtown skyline from the store. This newly-imagined area, known as “The Bridge”, will blend the best of Downstairs and Upstairs, Halls’ men’s and women’s contemporary departments. The Bridge will have its own vibe within the larger store, highlighted by an urban/industrial feel with a dedicated sound system.

An expanded beauty department will cover over 5,000 square feet and features a serene private treatment room, an unexpected oasis where customers will enjoy rejuvenating facials, customized to their skin-type. Spacious new fitting rooms will be beautifully appointed with custom furniture and designer wallcoverings. Customers will take just a few steps from their cars to an inviting store entrance on the 3rd level of the Crown Center Shops parking garage.

The Halls Plaza store will remain open through late summer 2014, at which time all operations will move to the new Halls store in Crown Center. The amenities and services that make shopping at Halls a pleasure will remain uninterrupted. Halls will continue to offer the luxury brands and exclusive merchandise its customers expect – stylish home furnishings, Halls Wedding Registry, designer labels in men’s and women’s fashion, and the most sought-after contemporary fashions – as part of a thoughtful range of price points.

Halls president Kelly Cole described the company’s excitement at the move, “It is exhilarating to be a part of the on-going revitalization of both Crown Center and downtown Kansas City. Halls operated out of several downtown locations for 50 years before opening the Plaza store in 1965 and the Crown Center store in 1973. As the store evolves into the new Halls, we will transcend the traditional retail landscape, creating instead a vibrant, one-of-a-kind shopping destination.”

Crown Center president Bill Lucas commented, “As Crown Center celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2013, we’re thrilled to welcome the new Halls experience to the Crown Center Shops. This is the latest step in Crown Center’s evolution, on the heels of last year’s openings of LEGOLAND® Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium. We can’t wait for our customers to enjoy the new Halls when it opens next year.”

For on-going project updates, please stay tuned to Halls.com, blog.Halls.com or Facebook.com/Hallskc.

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  • David says:

    What will happen to the existing stores currently on the 3rd level of Crown Center? Function Junction, Bath & Body Works, etc.?

    • Halls says:

      Hi David – Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret have already closed. Function Junction will be moving to another space in Crown Center. In the coming weeks and months, Crown Center will be meeting with other tenants about their plans.

  • ellen says:

    And this was the reason for the closing of a KC theatrical institution? More shopping? I find this information quite disheartening.

    • Halls says:

      Hi Ellen – Thanks for your question. While construction changes in that part of the shopping center are a factor, it is our understanding that the American Heartland Theater is closing because the marketplace has changed and many attractions have been added in Crown Center since AHT opened in 1987.

  • David says:

    Wow that is a real shame that Bath & Body has closed – I didn’t know that yet. I work in the Crown Center complex and hope that Bath & Body will reopen in another area of the complex. Hate to see this happen. Going to be honest – have never shopped at Halls and probably never will. Too out of my price range. This is really sad and disappointing to see this happen.

  • marshall says:

    Make space for a theatre in your store and we’ll talk.

    • Halls says:

      Hi Marshall – Thanks for your comment. Presumably you’re referencing the closing of the American Heartland Theater in the space above the third floor? While construction changes in that part of the shopping center are a factor, it is our understanding that the American Heartland Theater is closing because the marketplace has changed and many attractions have been added in Crown Center since AHT opened in 1987.

      • PA says:

        This is such utter garbage. “It is your understanding” — you’re the owners, you made the decision to close the theater, which was a quarter century institution and the reason was NOT because the theater was having issues — it was because the fact is you all had plans for the inside and outside of the space, which was confirmed in emails that Hallmark Executives sent to patrons upset about the closing right after the decision was announced in April. The fact is it could have been making huge profits and you would have closed it down, plain and simple.

        The fact is that attractions added or not, AHT brought in 80,000 annual REPETITIVE visitors and not the one-shot people that are going to the tiny aquarium and Legoland. The dirty little secret in Kansas City is that the fact is AHT was very salvageable with some changes but the fact of the matter is Hallmark’s people decided rather than a unique theater with broad appeal, they would crush it under their corporate boot and replace it with a failing department store.

        What pains me about this is that this is really, really, a shame and going to utterly destroy Crown Center as we know it, which was a very special place and is now being ruined by the corporate goons at Hallmark who literally are contradicting their own press releases and seem completely ignorant of the type of people who shop and dine at the Plaza and the people who shop and dine at Crown Center.

        The uniqueness of Crown Center was fact it was a place of a few dozen shops, arranged in a welcoming and pleasant setting, with stores and eateries that catered to people at middle income levels – particularly families. Hello Fritz’s. Hello Coterie. Hello movie theaters. Hello toy store. Hello dog store. Hello cat store. So rather than recognizing that and perhaps looking to draw in similar businesses to fill the holes on the third floor (Victoria Secret never made sense there, given what I just said), and using their resources to market it as such, they decide to completely bulldoze it and replace it with their own failing swanky department store. Irresponsible.

        I understand it is tough to admit that no one likes to shop at Halls anymore. But much like the train store that you closed in 2009 and much like your excuses you are using to close AHT, the same reasons could be used to justify just shuttering Halls. So, sadly and irresponsibly,, rather than promoting many local businesses and letting that rising tide lift all boats, the powers that be at Hallmark have decided to make a desperate, ill-advised maneuver to try to save their failing Halls.. Let’s review:

        1. Halls is expensive. You have to be very well to do to shop there, everyone knows that. That’s fine. Those same well to do people shop at the Plaza. That is the one place where perhaps Halls could survive, if it could survive at all. However, they close that down. Probably for costs. Okay, fine.

        2. Out is, also, the original three-story Halls at Crown Center and in comes a tiny aquarium and Legoland, which only kids can visit except on the occasional obscure Monday. Both of these items are geared towards one time visitors – not repeated visitors that are needed to keep a SHOPPING CENTER going, like shops and theaters. And both of these things also cater to families, both in town and out of town. This is a good thing, though, as perhaps Crown center will recognize the demographic of those who visit Crown Center are families — exactly the opposite of those who are shopping at Halls.

        3. Now, as a result of that move, Halls moved into a couple stores on the third floor, as well as retaining the third floor of its original building. That’s understandable with the space issues…and plus, for the reasons cited, it was time for Halls to downsize. That’s not Halls’ fault, but that’s the reality. And, I should note, there isn’t anything wrong with the setup now.

        So, what does Hallmark do? Rather than perhaps just having three smaller stores as they do now, in Crown Center, they decide to close down their store on the Plaza, where rich people shop, and completely destroy the third floor at Crown Center’s main shops — a center that caters to families who CAN’T AFFORD TO SHOP AT HALLS!!

        Meanwhile, what are they booting out? Function Junction, Tea Shop, Sportibles, AHT, etc, about 7 or 8 local shops still in business. Now, some will move to the 2nd floor and 1st floor, but a couple will have to close (the math isn’t there) — and most of all, out will go the unique ambiance that is Crown Center and out will go great storefronts for unique local businesses looking to get started. In total, by my count, Halls is going to responsible for giving Kansas City retail businesses, and AHT, about 15 less shops than were there previously – and that’s if you don’t subdivide the Halls Men Store down further, as it’s quite large.

        With that, rather than a wonderful “business district feel” that came with strolling down the halls of Crown Center, we get a stuffy, dull, rich-people-only department store that probably should have been closed 10 years ago.

        It’s almost bizarre, really — the people who actually go to the other stuff in Crown Center — the aquarium, Legoland, the theatres, the shops — can’t afford to shop at Halls, yet that’s what they’re turning the third floor into.

        It’s absolutely devastating. Just devastating. And a sad day for Kansas City.

  • David says:

    I know one of the headaches of a lot of Crown Center go-ers is parking. The spiral parking garage can be a nightmare. If you’re hoping to attract the likes of the Plaza shoppers who will now have to go to Crown Center to shop at Hall’s, this might be an issue with them. I personally don’t like parking in the Crown Center shops parking garage because you can easily get stuck in a long line with no other way out. Fortunately because I work in the complex, I park in my office parking when I want to come down to Crown Center for an event. But honestly, it’s a headache and nightmarish to be at Crown Center parking during an event. Since I don’t shop at Hall’s it’s not a big deal with me, but, I’m still very sad that other stores are being pushed out.

    • JJ says:

      Wow…what a HORRIBLE decision! As almost every post here states, upscale shopping in KC is on the Plaza….not Crown Center. I live south. It’s an “event” to visit the Plaza and I have frequently done so to visit ONLY Halls. The store is lovely, the employees very helpful, and the parking couldn’t be better.

      You’re closing it to open a store in Crown Center, where the parking is unpleasant, the demographics not conducive to upscale shopping, the food court boring, and the trip to get there through a part of town I try not to drive through.

      I predict this will be a really bad decision on your part. Did anyone even consider the demographics before finalizing this decision? Your customers are Mission Hills and south. So you move north, where the rent is cheaper I’m sure.

      You’ve certainly lost a customer in me and I suspect I’m not the only one. How sad.

      • PA says:

        I don’t find the parking at Crown Center hard at all — the garage is one of the easiest in the city..and the food court is unique with really great eateries that are different from typical mall food.

        But, you’re right on your overall point. the people who like Halls are shopping at the Plaza, not Crown Center. Crown Center gave people with middle incomes something to do in the heart of KC. Now they’re slowly ruining that.

        It’s as if you don’t have a toddler or aren’t rich, you’re not welcome. Crown Center thrived for 40 years catering to families and middle income folks. It’s like CC forgets the key demograhic is 25-54 year old middle income folks. Yet their plans are geared towards rich people who still shop in department stores and people with 19 year olds. It’s strange.

  • Reid Corcoran says:

    Bad idea closing the Plaza store – a tradition for now generations in my family. I am sure I speak for many when I say I would forever go to Hall’s on the Plaza, but doubt I will be going to Hall’s at Crown Center. You should really re-think your strategy in closing the Plaza store.

  • Brad Menne says:

    Wow, bad idea. I think you should reverse your strategy and expand the Plaza store and close Crown Center. As a long-time client of the Hall’s Plaza store, you won’t find me anywhere near crazy Crown Center, even to shop at Hall’s. Crown Center is nothing but a school-age kid attraction and is not conducive for the upscale shopper who isn’t interested in runny-nosed kids running around and screaming like crazy. I guess I’ll stock up on Hall’s merchandise real quick because once you close the Plaza store, you’ve lost a long-time loyal customer.

    • PA says:

      I love Crown Center and it’s not a bunch of crazy kids (It’s pleasant) but you’re right, it does cater to families and their strategy is backwards. Though I like Crown Center and you don’t, I actually agree on your core point — the strategy is completely backwards of what it should be. If anything they should close down crown center’s Halls store and do a major marketing/outreach effort to get in more appropriate businesses to Crown center.

  • Alicia Sorenson says:

    I am very shocked to read of Hall’s closing on the Plaza. An expansion of Hall’s at Crown Center is not enough to induce me to continue shopping at Hall’s. I’ve come to know and love so many of the Hall’s associates at the Plaza store. I sincerely hope their jobs will not be at stake. Many of your associates know me by name when I come in. Why on earth would you uproot a successful store in the most tasteful shopping district in Kansas City and plant it in the middle of a kiddy attraction? Tsk tsk tsk. The end of an era – for both Halls and for me. I won’t shop at Hall’s in Crown Center. Shameful and sad.

  • jeffrey byas says:

    As a former resident of Kansas City and now a resident of Chicago, one of my joys and pleasures is RAVING about the city, The Country Club Plaza , and Halls. The three are connected. I rarely think Halls and Crown Center. True, the city needs a world class shopping venue like we do have in Chicago, but Crown Center is NOT the place for it—-The Plaza is!! I ‘m sure since Hallmark owns the building and there was NEVER enough exciting retail in Crown Center, this makes sense, for them. Also, the Plaza store was woo-fully too small to serve the community. If Highwood is smart, they will tear down the building and allow Nordstrom or Bloomingdales to enter the area. OUCH , to Halls. Best of Luck, but a risky gamble, to say the least.

  • Stanley S says:

    Mourning the loss of Hall’s Plaza. Hope they will mourn the loss of me as their customer.

  • Sarah Goldberg says:

    incredbly poor decision. won’t be shopping at Hall’s when it reduces to one store at crown center.

  • Frank says:

    What? Halls-Plaza = synonymous. Halls-Crown Center = incestuous. It won’t work, folks. You’ll never succeed with a solo store at Crown Center.

  • Tom Allen says:

    Wow! Great news. However, closing the Plaza store??? As someone who loves Halls menswear dept on the Plaza… that sucks. Ill have to find a new place to buy suits. Any recommendations?

    • Halls says:

      Hi Tom – The Plaza location will remain open through late summer 2014 – and we’d love to help you with suits there until that time. We fully intend to maintain exclusive distribution of the vendors most desired by Plaza customers when we open the new Halls. The re-imagined store will even allow us to expand our merchandise mix in some areas. So, our recommendation? The best suits and alterations in town will still be at Halls!

  • Michael says:

    Closing the Plaza will kill Halls. I have friends arriving from out-of-town today. My plan was to take them to Halls on the Plaza. Why not spruce up the Plaza location and close the store at CC? This is a bad move.

  • Madeline says:

    Yes the face of theater in Kansas City has changed since the American Heartland Theater opened its doors – it has increased exponentially. To say that the redesign of Halls in Crown Center had nothing to do with its closing is like saying that the sun has nothing to do with heating the earth. It is clear that the only reason for the unexpected closing of the American Heartland Theater is the redesign of the shopping center. It is nice to know that Halls and Hallmark are quite comfortable putting the blame for the loss of one of Kansas City’s arts venues on the artists involved with it and not on them. How does a company who prides itself on being a part of Kansas City and claims to care about what happens to the people who live here justify the loss of jobs so that Halls/Hallmark can increase the bottom line?

    • James B says:

      Madeline, I whole-heartedly agree with you 100%!! It’s too coincidental that Hall’s announces an expansion just weeks after AHT announces it is closing. You KNOW that the Hall’s expansion has to have been in the works for a very long time. You don’t just come up with an idea to suddenly expand Hall’s within just a few weeks. Not only are jobs lost for AHT workers, but think of all the lost jobs as a result of Crown Center closing down all the other stores to make room for the new Halls. I saw a comment on the Facebook page that Victoria Secret and Bath and Body “announced” their plans to close their stores last month…….yep……they “announced” it only because they probably got their eviction notice from Crown Center by not renewing their leases. Hall’s – you might think you’re being politically correct by your carefully chosen words about how AHT is closing and such, but the people of Kansas City are not as provincial as you think. Give us some credit! Hope you all FAIL!

      • Sara M says:

        Halls/Hallmark shouldn’t play the people of KC as fools! The ‘parrot’ response “While construction changes in that part of the shopping center are a factor, it is our understanding that the American Heartland Theater is closing because the marketplace has changed and many attractions have been added in Crown Center since AHT opened in 1987,” is disheartening. I know that I will be spending my dollars at theaters, NOT at Halls on overpriced items.

        • Victoria M says:

          After one more visit to Kansas City in August, I will never again choose to stay at the Westin and the Plaza because the only draw for me there was the American Heartland Theatre. It is a sad day in Kansas City, when it’s venerable theatrical institution is shut down for shopping. I don’t want to spend any more money for anything connected to Halls! Jackie Lawson now gets my money for cards!

          • Pa says:

            You are all absolutely right!!! This is such a silly decision and clear from the get go on what the purpose was. There is simply no creativity at all to it. It’s so, so incredibly frustrating. And what’s maddening to me is that they had shopping — the stores were unique (they just needed better outreach and better leadership to get the right kind of stores) and that was the unique blend. You could shop, go to the show and eat all in about 3 hours..and now it’s ruined by an out of date department store, that if it was going to work, would work in the place they’re closing. It’s so, so frustrating.

  • Nicole Kenney says:

    Wow. Hall’s should never leave the Plaza. Ever. They are a PART of the Plaza. I lived there in KC for many years, still visit and ALWAYS shop at Hall’s on the Plaza when I am in town. Pretty sure I’ve never even stepped foot in Crown Center. It’s a shame and I can comepltely relate to all the people’s posts who are upset about the loss of the Plaza location – I’d bet a million bucks that they will see a HUGE fall in their sales and profits. No one, especially the customers who live in nearby Mission Hills, etc…are going to want to drive to Crowne Center to shop at Hall’s. Very, very sad…

  • Thsddeus says:

    WOW, the Crown Center store reimagined sounds great…but you are closing the Plaza store?? The Plaza is Kansas City’s go to location for high end shopping…Crown Center is the complete opposite. Very disappointed. I don’t know if I can call myself a Hall’s customer anymore. I actually buy too so this is not a non-customer. Very disappointed! PLEASE rethink the decision to close the Plaza store, it’s one of a kind. How about a renovation there??

  • Ginger says:

    Horrible idea closing the Plaza store!!! Crown Center will not support the demographic neccessary to maintain a sole Crown Center location. Did you not research your CC vs. Plaza demographic? I forsee the sad beginning of a painful end for a great KC retailer.

  • ck says:

    I spend quite a lot at Halls Plaza each year and can’t help but also be discouraged by the news, though it’s been a store on the decline for a while and new management a few years ago has done it no favors. While I wish Halls luck, I don’t ever go to CC for some of the reasons stated above–namely the large number of teens there and the horrible parking. I’d budget some serious money for re-marketing the image of CC….

  • Harold "Hal" Marshall says:

    Close the HALLowed Halls of Halls Plaza and Open a new Halls Groan Center? Sounds like a cHALLenge. Surely I am HALLucinating.

    We sHALL overcome!!!


  • cloey says:

    No longer a KC resident but a yearly visitor I am bereft the Halls store on the Plaza is closing. It is the only store I frequent now when stopping by the Plaza on my visits. I was very disappointed in April to find the quality and high end, special offerings of Halls to be missing. Purses replaced the beautiful crystal on the main level, the 2nd floor is awash in low end dresses for only younger women and the shoe dept. has been gutted of beautiful luxury shoes. I loved Halls because I knew I could find things there that no one else had, now it is just another store. The Halls Plaza went the way of the Crown Center Halls, maybe because of the economy or maybe I’m getting old, but it seems to me KC no longer has a unique luxury store. I have bragged for over 30 years that my hometown has the best store in the country, where you can buy a beautiful outfit, a wedding gift, a piece of jewelry or an end table. No one would believe me. And while I now live in the land of Nordstrom (Seattle) which I love, it is not the same.

    Crown Center is far away and difficult to navigate. This is really a sad day for all of us who love Halls and the Plaza.

    • Halls says:

      Hi Cloey – Thanks for your feedback. We know that this move will certainly take some time to digest for many of our customers. Halls fully intends that the new store will continue to offer the exclusive and favorite brands our customer enjoy at the Plaza location. Our shoe department continues to showcase brands like Gucci, Prada, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Donald J Pliner, LK Bennett, kate spade new york, Tory Burch and more. Our women’s department still offers designer clothing from Oscar de la Renta, Jason Wu, Brunello Cucinelli, Akris Punto, Armani Collezioni and more. The Halls home departments, including crystal, will also transition to the new space. We look forward to continuing to serve customers at the Plaza location through late summer 2014. We hope that, when you visit KC after September 2014, you’ll make the three mile trip from the Plaza to Crown Center to check out the new store as we think you’ll be pleased with what you find. Thanks again!

      • cloey says:

        Thanks so much for the reply. I was talking about Halls today with friends in Seattle, one of which traveled for business many times to KC and knows the store well. She too was sad to hear of the closing.

        That being said, I’m happy to hear that luxury goods will still be a priority at Crown Center. I thought on my last visit in April the Plaza store just didn’t have the same pizzazz it once had. With the new and enlarged space at Crown Center I’d love to see an expansion of luxury goods because except for Halls I don’t know where in Kansas City one can find a good assortment of high end brands.

        Thanks again.


      • JJ says:

        It may be 3 miles but it might as well be 40….it’s a different world and a different demographic.

  • ramona says:

    I think the idea is great! Although I do think the Plaza store is special and a smaller satellite shop would be nice to see to draw people to Crown Center(marketing :). Looks like Norstrom’s just might have competition! Make sure the cafe is worth the trip. Bring it on – I hate the burbs!

  • Bill Cobb says:

    I don’t live in KC anymore, but…

    First off,

    If it were not for Hallmark, there wouldn’t be any department stores in the urban core of KC.

    KC people tend to totally take for granted what is one of (if not the only) incredibly civic minded corporate citizen in KC, Hallmark Cards.

    They have single handily built one of the largest urban redevelopment projects in the country (Crown Center) with very little tax incentives and continue to invest in the Crown Center area well beyond anything necessary just because they maintain an extremely passionate will to be a part of urban KCMO and they simply want to do their part to make KC a better city.

    This is especially interesting in today’s world when sending greeting cards is not as popular as it once was. This company could have bolted a long time ago for some corporate welfare suburban office park in Kansas or they could have at least pulled way back on what they subsidize in Crown Center (Ice rink, festivals, fountains etc), or sold the shopping center to some out of town retail developer who’s employees probably wouldn’t even know what state Crown Center is in.

    Instead they continue to invest in the Crown Center complex and have created one of KC’s most important tourist attractions and cultural assets and do so in the downtown area, an area that damn near every other cooperation in KC completely ignores and continue to flee even after billions of city money has been invested in reviving downtown.

    Crown Center is one of the only things that has truly kept KCMO’s downtown from seriously being the “other” downtown Detroit over the past 30 years.

    OK, got that off my back.

    This is great for Downtown KC and all of urban KCMO. Halls will build a single full service modern department store right smack in the middle of the city. That is something that KC should be thanking Hallmark for because KC is lucky that Halls isn’t closing both stores.

    This should help give Crown Center more retail diversity and help it become a more serious option for urban residential development, one of the things Crown Center still needs to improve.

    As far as the Plaza location of Halls? It has been a nice run for Halls there. But let it go. Retail changes.

    It’s a shame that the Plaza is not home to places like Bloomingdales, Crate & Barrel or Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus. It seems like when these places to come to KC, they end up clear out in the southern JoCo suburbs rather than a more central and culturally significant location. Regardless, I don’t see any problems with the Plaza doing something positive with that block and yea, it might even mean some reconstruction there. Maybe they can gut the building and build something more mixed use inside the historic shell. Half that building is just a parking garage anyway, which should be moved underground and most of it has terrible interaction with the street and sidewalk. Something will happen there and it will probably improve the plaza.

    In the meantime, KC should be celebrating anytime a company announces a significant private investment in urban kcmo north of 45th Street, especially when they don’t involve an excessive amount of incentives. Sadly, such announcements are rare for KC.

    Come on KC. It’s bad enough you love your cruddy airport so much that you won’t bring it out of the 1960’s, but this crazyness about being so affraid of change is getting out of control.

    Crown Center and the Plaza compliment each other and visitors tend to and should visit both.

    Give the new Halls store a chance.

    • cloey says:

      As sad and nostalgic as I am about the Plaza Halls, you make some great points. As a Seattleite now I’ve never understood why there isn’t more than one Nordstrom in the whole KC area. We have half a dozen. Hope the Plaza management knows what they’re doing.

    • JJ says:

      While you are certainly welcome to your opinion, I would point out that YOU DON’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, so your advice is not the most accurate.

      As for our airport, please feel free to contribute to the $1.2 billion the city wants to spend when they could spend much less on some updates and make the airport work just fine.

      • Greg McQuire says:

        Actually JJ, for “Bill Cobb” not living here anymore his comments are Spot On!! Viva Downtown and Crossroads re-development. I’m sad to see Halls Plaza go. I know many employees on the first floor by name and proudly carry a Halls charge. BUT…into the future we will go! There are dozens of retailers chomping at the bit to get into Highwoods/Plaza, this will allow them the opportunity.

        • JJ says:

          Your opinion. And you’re welcome to it. I remain convinced this is a bad move for Halls to leave the most prestigious shopping area in town.

          I also remain convinced that while out of town people can also have their opinions, they lose a lot of credibility when they are framed around the idea that those of us who live here couldn’t possibly see the big picture.

    • Mark D says:

      To Bill Cobb – if you think that it’s a wise investment for Hallmark/Crown Center to make this move……how is it so wise when what they are doing is eliminating JOBS? Seeing as how you don’t live in KC anymore, then you probably didn’t read the Kansas City Star article that came out the day after the announcement, where the article states that as a result of the closing of the Plaza store and the redesign of the Crown Center store – THEY ARE CUTTING THEIR STAFF IN HALF! Wise investment? Yeah, maybe for the Hall family’s pockets. And that’s not to mention the fact that Hallmark is forcing several tenant stores out on the 3rd level of Crown Center to make way for the new Halls. There goes more jobs!

  • Halls says:

    Hi everyone. Thanks to all for sharing your comments. Now that we’ve had a few days to look toward the future, it’s time to get back to today’s business! We’ll be posting updates about the new store in the coming weeks and months, but for now, Halls Plaza and all the Crown Center locations are open and ready to help you find just what you’re looking for. Thanks again!

  • Judy Greve says:

    I have mixed opinions. What I think most people are missing is the new revitalization north of Crown Center! I am delighted to hear that not all of Crown Center will be kiddyland, since I live here and am not into too much kids stuff. A store that might meet all my shopping needs – well not really, but I can appreciate a high-end store nearby. I will miss AHT, etc. but sincerely hope this works. Would like to see more dept. stores downtown for this new neighborhood that is arising. Would like to see the Russian Store remain.

  • Matthew says:

    While I am sad Halls is closing the Country Club Plaza location, I see may upsides to the move. First, I think it’s great Halls is consolidating and operating one, centrally-located, flagship store. Also, I think the design concept is great. The bridge with windows overlooking Crown Center and downtown Kansas City will give shoppers a stunning view. Along with this, the design of the new Halls will far exceed the quality of the County Club Plaza’s aging appearance (no offense).

    As for the Plaza, I will be VERY excited to see what new stores will fill the old Halls location. On one hand, I think Kansas City shoppers could see the space filled with multiple different stores (Hey Highwoods, Kansas City needs a Louis Vuitton). On the other hand, I think a department store like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom would help fill the void.